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Friday, 25 September 2015

REVIEW | Burgundy Barry M Sunset Nail Polish

So it's Autumn girls which can only mean one thing! Burgundy is back on trend and I'm pleased to say Barry M have brought out a new colour in their Sunset collection which guess what is burgundy. It's such a gorgeous colour that is actually quite dark and in some lights looks black. The reason I love this range is because it LASTS longer than any other drugstore nail polish I have tried. That's a pretty bold statement to make but I can truthfully say the polish has lasted for 10 days with NO CHIPPING. That's pretty good going for a drugstore product. The formulation and brush Barry M has created is so easy to use and it dries really quick. SCORE! 

On the little leaflet wrapped round the bottle it states that it is 'Pro Nails without UV' and I totally agree. I have tried several colours from this collection including the hot pink colour so there's plenty of colours to choose from! 

What's great is the polish is £4.99. Think how much you spend on a mani if you go to a salon or spa. The minimum you have to spend to get a good manicure is £25. That means you get 5 Barry M polishes for the price of one manicure...CRAZY! Runs to the shops as I'm writing this post...

So how does it work you ask? In order to make the nail polish stay on longer and give you that hi gloss shine, you have to buy the TopCoat which is also £4.99. According to the leaflet the nail polish uses natural daylight curing to create long lasting hi gloss nails. Just see the pictures for yourself to make up your own mind but I'm pretty sure you will agree with me that it looks awesome! 


PS: I went into my usual beauty clinic today to get my eyebrows threaded and guess what happened? The beauty therapist asked me where I got my nails done! When I told her it was the Barry M nail polish she was really shocked and said how professional they looked! She thought I had got them done at a salon....this just proves my point. (Feeling chuffed) 



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